All Our Lovely Creatures

The world's got a nosebleed and we're flooding
but we keep on cutting the trees in the forest
and we keep on paying those freaks on the tv
who claim they will save us but want to enslave us and
sweating like demons, they scream through our speakers
but we leave the sound on cause silence is harder and
no one's the killer and no one's the martyr
The world that has made us can no longer contain us
and prophets are silent then rotting away...

for a healthy planet and protecting our lovely creatures, big and small. Educating and empowering citizens to sustain their community through environmental stewardship. Be Eco-fabulous! -Raven

4 March 2012
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Finally, a feel-good story! :)

Pretty sure today was probably The. Best. Adoption. Event. EVER!!! at Rocket Dog Rescue! (Well, at least I like to think so!) There might have been as many as SIX dogs and puppies adopted, including TWO that I feel absolutely in love with: beautiful, sweet, 10-year-old black Lab CECE… and the AWESOMELY handsome, and wonderful white Siberian Husky - ARCTIC! (He was just so freakin’ ADORABLE… people were coming up specifically asking for HIM!) Here’s Arctic’s “face pic” - the one he sends out to modeling agents and casting directors. :)

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