All Our Lovely Creatures

The world's got a nosebleed and we're flooding
but we keep on cutting the trees in the forest
and we keep on paying those freaks on the tv
who claim they will save us but want to enslave us and
sweating like demons, they scream through our speakers
but we leave the sound on cause silence is harder and
no one's the killer and no one's the martyr
The world that has made us can no longer contain us
and prophets are silent then rotting away...

for a healthy planet and protecting our lovely creatures, big and small. Educating and empowering citizens to sustain their community through environmental stewardship. Be Eco-fabulous! -Raven

25 January 2012
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via the-fish-whisperer

the-fish-whisperer: So I was asked by a few people: “so I was curious since you posted that picture of the betta convention. do you know of any in southern california?” YES, check my ARCHIVE and you will see a post about it with links! There are some great CA. betta societies and clubs worldwide! You will have so…

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